YPOS Goes To Ace Comic Con

ACE Comic Con hasn’t been around long, but it sure made a name for itself! Comic cons have always been a hit here in the Pacific Northwest, known for great costumes, lots of celebrities, amazing art work, and tons of fun! Comic cons are a place where people can feel like they belong to something, can go to an event for an immersive experience, one that lasts a lifetime. ACE Comic con wanted cities, families, friends, and the community to bond with super heroes, creating experiences, photo ops with their favorite people. And that’s just what they did!

ACE Comic Con took Seattle by storm with big Marvel headline characters-Loki, Spiderman, Vision, and the Scarlet Witch just to name a few. Panels with comedian Kevin Smith, actor Matthew Lillard, drawing discussions to cosplay contests. ACE Comic Con brought it all.

Day of there were tons of people already lined up at the doors…..I’m talking thousands of people! VIP tickets=no waiting in line. Walking inside was so fun-the WaMu Event Center is pretty big and has room for two stages. The entrance is lined with Captain Kirk’s original chair, R2D2 roaming around, VR experiences, people in costumes, and a big red carpet. You enter the other room and you are greeted with hundreds of amazing exhibitors and a couple stages where the panels were held. I walked down every line checking out each individual artist’s works of art-from Marvel characters to anime, fantasy to real-life portrayals. So fascinated in artist’s stories, how they got the where they are, what inspires them.

THEN….The main part of the evening: THE MEET AND GREET.

We had red passes that got us into the Tom Hiddleston line first.

Waiting. People Watching to pass the time.

And then a loud roar from the crowd and we knew Loki and Spiderman had arrived.

Waiting now for the line to move we had to think quick. What do you say to a famous movie star?

I didn’t have anything creative. No cheesy pick up line. No props. No cool costume. Just myself.

People were dressed to the nines…full out Marvel gear.

Soon enough we were at the front of the line…and my line was just ‘Hi.’ Tom Hiddleston (Loki), looked deeply into my eyes and just said ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ My heart melted as did everyone else who heard him talk.

We hopped into the next line for Tom Holland (Spiderman). I needed to think of something cooler to say…I clam up meeting famous people so I went with just a simple hi, but hey I got to meet two amazing actors and not make a fool of myself.

Most memorable though was a girl in her graduation cap and gown-she got Spiderman to wear a cap and pose with her. Another memorable one was a girl in her wedding dress…it was a bit much.

After you meet the stars you pick up your photos! And of course….I blinked in one of mine. It’s okay, they caught it, but it’s a hilarious keepsake.

Now that we had our photos-to the beer garden we went. Beer + Comedian Kevin Smith on stage ….He’s one funny dude.

And that’s a wrap.

For a first timer ACE Comic Con was a blast. Who doesn’t love celebrities, photo ops, amazing artists, people watching, and beer? It was definitely an experience I won’t forget and I can’t wait for my next one!

Originally published at https://www.youngprofessionalsofseattle.com on August 6, 2018.

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